The Grand Lion Groupís hotel and resort development business aims to achieve quality, occupancy and profitability.
    Hotel development services include not only hotel development but infrastructure planning,
    construction management and other associated services.

    The agricultural sector, including rice farming, livestock, forestry, and cultivation of other crops, directly
    employs more than 65% of Cambodia's labor force and accounts for almost 35% of GDP.
    With its large amount of arable land, ample rainfall, large workforce and close proximity to the major
    ASEAN markets of Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has unrivalled potential in the agriculture sector.

    Grand Lion Group has a number of real estate investment professionals with a broad base of investment, development,
    and operations experience. Grand Lion Groupís real estate investment team looks for investments between US$10 million
    and US$100 million where value can be added by injecting both capital and development or operational expertise.
    Grand Lion Group is currently evaluating commercial property development opportunities at various locations within Cambodia.